Why are Google Adwords Required for a Business?

In today’s era advertising is the most important tool for anything and especially for business. And in today’s digital era, advertising through digital medium has become a necessity of every business. If a business is started and promoted with a perfect advertisement, then it grows faster than other businesses which do not promote their work much. In the digital marketing world, there are a number of advertising platforms that can be used to increase your market value and to increase the traffic on your website.Google Ads play an important role in such start up businesses. If you are a user who needs attention for your business, who needs to increase traffic to your website then there is no better way then Google Adwords/Google Ads.

Why are Google Adwords Required for a Business?

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads also known as google adwords is a marketing and advertising platform launched by Google in 2000. It is an advertising platform which allows you to set up your business in an easy manner. It gives you a helping hand while you set up your business. Google Ads is one of the finest ways to increase traffic on your website.So for a startup it needs a lot of advertisement and efforts because it takes a great effort to compete with a brand that has been trending for years. It helps you to reach your targeted audience/user that are interested in the products and services your company is providing. Google ads are not only meant for large scale business and brands but it also results productively in small scale business. We can say that it is more important for the small scale business for digital advertising.

How Google Ads Works?

Google Ads works on the concept of PPC that is Pay Per Click. The Google Ads platform is a Pay Per Click Model that allows Advertising of a business where companies pay for the ranking of their website. Here using Google adwords companies bid on some keywords which appear when a user searches on google using any of those keywords.

A Keyword is a word that a company selects and bids for it, so that whenever a user searches using any of those keywords, your company ad will show up there with the google search. For example if a company uses some keywords and bids for them then whenever a google user searches with the same keyword the company ad will appear in the search.

The Concept of Pay Per Click:

Pay Per Click is a Concept in which a company has to pay to google if we have to pay for every click done by a user. Every keyword has a different value which is paid to google. Whenever a user searches anything on google and if the searching terminology is relatable to the keywords of your ad then it will appear in the top searches and then if that user clicks on your ad then you need to pay to google as per the concept of Pay Per Click.

Whereas there is one more term in the concept of Pay per Click that is “impression”. Impression refers to the number of times your ad appears on the google search relevant to the clicks. It doesn’t matter that the user has clicked on not if it is appearing in the Google ads then its impression will count.

What is the Concept Behind Biding?

Here biding refers to the money you promise to pay for a keyword that will help you in promoting your business. The companies bid for the words that are most reliable and user friendly. Google adwords bidding factor is flexible to one’s budget that means if a company wants to keep it low budget then google adwords have a range from $1 to $1000 depending on the need of the company. If a company selects collective or long tail keywords these keywords are generally less expensive and are worth it for capturing the attention of the users who are looking for exactly what your company is offering.

How Google Ads are Useful in Increasing Traffic to Your Website?

It is a process of promoting a business one needs to promote the website as the website is the home for your business. Today google has become more of a verb than a brand. It is used like “google it” , “googling” , “googled” it is because , now when people have any sort of question in their mind, they forectly go to google rather than asking a person or looking for an answer in any of the books. Google has become a friend who knows everything. There are billions of searches per day.

So it is very important to choose your keywords wisely and bid for them. PushFire can help you in choosing the perfect and required keywords as well as Google Adwords for your business. When your keywords are likely to relate to the search then your ad appears on the top.

But you must maintain the quality of the ad then only it will work because google shows your ads on the basis of quality and binding both.

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