Google Remarketing – Affordable, High ROI Marketing

Google Remarketing – Affordable, High ROI Marketing

Follow Your Targeted Customers, Sell More & Substantially Boost Profits

Do clients come to your website but do not buy your products or services? It’s time to target them again with Google Remarketing business marketing strategy. This powerful tool is the ideal way to target interested customers who are mots likely to buy your services.

PushFire’s Google Remarketing experts in Oakville help you convert traffic into real customers. From attractive offers to eye-catching deals, we have the right methods to bring back visitors back to your website. We help you craft attractive messages that encourage users to again visit and shop on your website.

Tap Into Google Display Network’s Mammoth Power! Deploy Powerful Google Remarketing Strategy To Boost Your Profits.

Finest Online Marketing – Advantages of Google Ad Retargeting

Having years of Internet marketing experience, we can claim that Google’s retargeting services are highly effective. It allows you to stay in touch with lost customers or audience even if they have left your website. You can re-engage a prospect with a display remarketing banner ad.

Retargeting can improve ad response by up to 400 percent!

When you re-approach the once lost visitors, you gain more brand exposure and become more recognizable. This can help raise your trust and make the purchase more likely. Studies show that retargeting can boost your sales drastically.

Types Of Remarketing Campaigns

Retargeting can be used in myriad ways. Here are some:

  • Display Network Remarketing
    This shows your brand’s banner ads to the targeted audience during their browsing activity.
  • Remarketing for Google Search ads
    Here, the targeted users are shown your ads during their search queries that are similar to your services or products. This strategy is highly dependent on the keywords and bids to be used.
  • Dynamic Remarketing
    Google Merchant Account is required for this feature that shows dynamically created ads to the targeted site visitors.
  • Remarketing for Mobile Applications
    It helps you reach out to customers on a mobile platform. It is very potent way to target on-the-go customers.

At PushFire, we will help you improve your conversion rates through a dedicated retargeting strategy and marketing campaigns.

What Are The Google Remarketing Costs?

The costs of running a Google Remarketing campaign is highly dependent on the type and aggressiveness of the campaign. The broader the strategy, the higher will be the costs. The costs can be lowered by employing other marketing techniques in combination with this method. These include conversion filtering, contextual targeting, frequency capping etc. All these can be bought together for highly targeted remarketing campaign that’s totally in sync with the ad relevancy.

Capture your audience with the right remarketing campaign. Perfectly position the ads in front of targeted audience.

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