Looking For a WordPress Theme? Try Out These Latest Multipurpose Ones

Looking For a WordPress Theme? Try Out These Latest Multipurpose Ones

In today’s world, a website is more than just a website. It is no more a web page where you keep scrolling down to read more and more. Today websites have become shopping stores, communication portals, entertainment sections and what not.

If you have a website which is of the typical size, has some kind of e commerce requirement, needs a responsive touch or want to incorporate some changes, you definitely need one of the below listed multipurpose themes.

The Latest Multipurpose WordPress Themes

  • The Core – Responsive Multipurpose Theme
    If you are looking for a theme which also has website building feature, look no further than The Core. It is not just one theme but a combination of 16 themes giving you the option to customize a website according to your own preferences and design it too. With great selection of short codes, 700 fonts, multiple slider and header options, it is a great choice for sure.
  • BeTheme – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme
    Now comes a theme which is not only the most popular WP themes but also is the biggest WP theme ever. With its features covering 200 layouts for every topic, type and theme, it can make a website as flexible as it can be. With the help of Muffin Builder 3 page builder, Admin Panel, and Shortcode Generator, it helps in building the most complex pages with ease.
  • The 7 – Most Customizable Theme
    The 7 is the most customizable WP theme in the market, having more than 360 theme options for you to work on. With its Design Wizard, you get the most useful and time saving features on the WP front.
    Apart from this, it it offers you 25 professional grade website design from its library. Now you have a lot to choose from!
  • Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme
    One of the best themes where you get to see how everything is laid on beautifully on the homepage concepts. It is so because of the characteristic detailing which translates into performance power when used for your web design tasks. With its 30 design features, yo get the picture perfect website that can please anyone in one go.

Need Professional Help?

If you are also looking to upgrade your website to a multitasking WP theme, look no further than Push Fire. Our experienced designers and developers will help you in getting the best themes as per your requirements and provide useful inputs to improve its performance. Call us to know more about our web design services or to request a web development quote!

July 20, 2016
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