Top 5 Tools to Manage Multiple Websites from a Single Dashboard

Top 5 Tools to Manage Multiple Websites from a Single Dashboard

Managing multiple WP websites is not as easy as it seems. Multiple website means you have to update plugins and themes on a regular basis to keep your site up to date. Keeping all the WordPress websites up to date can be very frustrating and time consuming. It is your responsibility to keep your site updated. If you missed one update, sometimes hackers take advantage from your mistake and ruin your all hard work very easily.

Fortunately, there are various number of services available that allows you to manage your multiple sites effectively and also help to save your time. You cannot ignore to manage or update your site. Because it is the only way to make strong footprints in the digital world.

If you are looking for the solution of managing multiple websites, you are at the right place.

  • ManageWP: ManageWP is kind of tool that allows every website owner to manage multiple WP websites efficiently. It is a tremendous and a very useful dashboard that allows you to take control on your all sites from a single location. With ManageWP, you can easily check that which plugin needs to be updated on which site. Upload new posts on your all website from a one location.
  • MainWP: It is a free, open source tool provided to manage various WordPress websites at a single time. After using this service, you have the power to handle different sites with various posts, plugins, themes and much more at the same time. It comes with lots of backup facilities that help you maintain your backup data.
  • InfiniteWP: InfiniteWP is a free and a very handy tool that comes with various features. But some features of this tool are paid and you need to pay a fixed amount for other feature upgrades like auto scheduling of WP site backups. The main feature of this tool is, once you login you will never have to ever sign up again.
  • iControlWP: iControlWP comes with a lot of the best features such as automatic backup, a bulk action for all sites, and a malware scanner. It is a premium tool and it charges $0.60 per site. If you are interested to buy a monthly plan, you need to pay $3 per month for five sites. It offers a thirty day free trial before selling.
  • CMS Commander: Just like other tools, it allows you to manage several websites simultaneously. It has an automatic backup system that keeps your all important data of different websites safe, secure and organized.

Choosing the right option from the tons of options is a burdensome job for every website owner. Because each and every tool has different features and services.

To choose the best one of them, it is crucial that you make a note of all your required features. It will make your process easier. If you still have any question or want a new website, contact our professional web designers in Oakville. We will help you with web site redesign, ecommerce stores or even WordPress development.

August 4, 2016
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