4 Useful SEO Tricks To Improve Your Google Rank

4 Useful SEO Tricks To Improve Your Google Rank

An attractive website is generally of no use, especially if it is unable to show up in the search engine result page. If you are determined to make your site accessible from all over the world, consider optimizing it.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a well known approach that aims to drive quality traffic to your online business, along with boosting its popularity and brand equity. Developing an amazing layout, adding unique content and graphics is mere wastage of time, until and unless, your local customers are unable to find you in a search query. Though SEO rankings and practice keeps on changing, its necessary to update content regularly to maintain your existing Google rank.

Some of the tips that can help your website rank better are:

  • Social Content Will Gain Eminence: Almost every website utilize social media to gain popularity that ultimate improve its ranking. Social media content act as a powerful SEO strategy that eliminates the difference between web and personalized web. To gain publicity and recognition, promote your business on social media and link it to your website.
  • Videos Will Still Rule: Videos are trending in 2017 and are highly favored by Google. You can improve your business rank by posting relevant and real videos on your homepage. A recent study reveals that videos help in gaining better page ranks compared to plain and static text. If your website is previously loaded with videos, upload them on YouTube and link it on your website. Make sure you use specific keywords that can show up the videos for are relevant search request.
  • Mobile Optimization is Crucial: Since the mobile audience is on a constant rise, consider optimizing your existing WordPress site to make it easily accessible from any device and location. A mobile friendly website take up lesser time to load that is the most favored feature of Google search engine. The latest Google algorithm ensures that websites which are mobile friendly, optimized and fast loading deserves to get a higher rank.
  • Local SEO is More Powerful: This trend is already practiced and is going to generate more power in the coming future. Local SEO helps in making a business visible to local audience. All you need to do is specify the name of your business, address, location on Google and it will show up your business, whenever a search related is done near to your location. Local listings can simultaneously improve your overall rankings too.

These are the most effective SEO tips that can help you in getting top ranks in Google SERP. If you are looking to make your business website visible and accessible, consult our SEO experts at Push Fire.

April 4, 2017
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