6 Reasons why link building is important in SEO

Getting a link (hyperlink) pointing towards your website is a catalyst for your SEO ambitions. As hyped by the online marketers link building is a paramount and critical factor while optimizing your organic marketing in the online space. Other organic ways like on-page SEO could be done without any external help but link building forces you to reach out to the community for showing up first in the SERPs.

6 Reasons why link building is important in SEO
There are several opportunities presented by those inbound links, let’s discuss them and help you become a pro in off-page SEO.


It’s a dream come true to be on the top of SERPs too with a highly competitive keyword. There is no other way to achieve this organically other than link building. There are crawlers which crawl through the websites to look for your mentions to authenticate your quality. If a credible website has your link posted, this will exponentially increase your rankings.

  • More inbound links directed to your website, the more space Google provides you.
  • The relevance of your content is dependent on these inbound links.
  • It’s a game of skill and building a community rather than throwing money on advertisements.

Referral Traffic

You may be running an Ad or doing social media marketing to maximize the visits on your website. But using referrals. you generate the most relevant traffic if it is associated with a related website.

  • This organic traffic is ready to get converted and drive your sales.
  • The relevance of this website surpasses SEO and gives you a loyal customer.
  • There is trust built on your product due to the link present on that website.

Brand Identity

Your recognition and image are largely determined by the type of links pointing towards your website.

  • If you get a chance to get your link posted on the website with a large audience and an established name, it helps you gain authenticity in the market.
  • Being associated with the credible website also promotes offline sales as the trust is built on your website.


There are people spamming the comments sections with the link to their websites, they try to get inbound links and increase their rankings. Google took note of this and “nofollow” came to rescue us from these spammers.

  • This attribute lets the crawler know that anything posted in the following section should not impact the rankings.
  • Google penalizes you if you have these links posted on your website without the “nofollow” attribute.
  • Increase your credibility by using this attribute where you invite guest participation.

Quality over quantity

A single link from a credible website is more powerful than 20 links from many other websites. This has increased the fairness quotient in rankings of your websites and minimizes the unethical practices.

  • The focus remains on getting mentions of the websites with heavy traffic and is related to your specific domain.
  • Offer good content on your website to get those quality links
  • Visual content provides engagement and helps you build those relationships.

The essence of link building

Link building helps you in hidden ways, not just rankings and branding it also creates a community you can be a part of.

  • For link building, guest posts are done which helps you gain popularity.
  • Interaction with other businesses of link building further increases your presence in the market as more people get to hear your name.
  • Knowledge sharing becomes possible as a result of efforts put in for link building.

It indirectly motivates you to put creative and informative content on the website to satisfy the hard work put in while getting an inbound link.

Final Verdict

Every now and then google plays with its algorithm and changes the way you are ranked organically. On-page and off-page SEO both are impacted by these certain changes. But one factor which has remained constant for a while now is a quality inbound link. If you can get this right there is no one stopping from those conversations you have always aimed for.
Creating a quality content which is relevant and engages the audience is paramount, several factors influence your visibility over the internet and there is no way to ignore any one of them in the time of cut-throat competitions.

April 13, 2020

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