5 Worst UX Mistakes That You Should Avoid

There are two types of UX mistakes that you make when designing an app or website. In the first term, these are the mistakes that you already know are not good such as poor navigation, glacial loading speeds and cluttered screen.

5 Worst UX Mistakes That You Should Avoid

And then, there are other kinds of mistakes that you probably don’t think are going bad. So, here are the top UX patterns explained by the experts that could be detrimental to your website or app’s performance.

UX Mistakes In Your App & Website

  • Infinite Scrolling

    By involving the infinite scrolling, you are giving your users an endless feed of content while social media is enough to do so. Even if it is your business model and you make infinite scrolling work by adding some specific actions like subscribe or buy now, then endless scrolling would be responsible for more damage.

    The solution to this issue is unless you are sure that you can make users engaged long enough to scroll through the pages switch to better pagination.

  • Fake Preloaders

    Twisting gears, spinning wheels, and other micro interactions which you utilize to convince the visitor before loading the content is one among other annoying things. Someone may think that is a good idea but in actual people find it as wastage of time to wait for a page to load. As the new generation is impatience, they don’t wait anymore and abandon your site. Thus the fake preloaders hurt your user experience.

  • Too Many Links That Open In Browsers

    If your page has links that open in browser when clicked, you are making the users step out into a world full of distractions. Thus, users would never like to access your app. Even if these links open in social media page, these will also make the users annoying. This kind of mistakes can result in receiving negative reviews from users which end up deteriorating your brand reputation.

  • Too Many Numbers Of CTAs

    Users want a clear CTA that leads them to another page. One compelling CTA is enough to interact with the users. If you add too many CTAs like:

    • Click here to ‘Know More.’

    • Click Here to ‘Subscribe’

    • Click here to go to our ‘Products’ page

    These will do nothing, but confuse the users and distract them too.

  • Not Acknowledging User Actions

    Do you ever experience that you click the button right, there is no activity, and later, you suddenly jumped other pages ahead? If yes, this is where an acknowledgement is necessary.

    Every action of the user should be acknowledged. In case, the user clicked any button, let it at least be grey out for a few seconds to prevent undesired click from the user.

So, do you want to make your website or mobile app free from all these mistakes? If yes, we are here for you. At PushFire, our team of mobile application and web developers in Oakville can help to create feature-rich and lead converting mobile app or business websites. Call us to schedule your appointment with our experts to discuss your project requirements.

June 12, 2019
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