Top 8 Free & Fully- Responsive Shopify eCommerce Themes

Top 8 Free & Fully- Responsive Shopify eCommerce Themes Shopify development is a great source for small and retail business who are seeking to sell online. The good thing about Shopify is, it requires a little effort to learn technically. Within a couple of minutes, you can easily establish a new store and you will have a number of themes to pick from.

Among several themes, there are some themes that are completely free to support in creating a brilliant design for your website. The icing on the cake is, all these themes are fully responsive. So, one can easily access your business website to any device. The list of responsive themes is:

  • Simple
    The simple theme comes within two styles, one is a minimalist white theme and another is off-white with a grey background and a large header image. The flexibility is that you can switch between both styles as these both are a part of the respective theme.
  • Supply
    Supply is a theme that uses the moderate color palette to put contrast between the page section eliminating the over-complicating layout. The theme also has the two styles, one is blue style and another is tan-beige light style. The supply theme is the foremost featured area on the homepage that can use the static images and dynamic slideshow.
  • Skeleton Theme
    The Shopify skeleton theme is an open source theme also available on GitHub for easy download. This one is a bare-bones theme template designed by Shopify devs for web developers. This theme is like a blank slate where the user can grid structure, color scheme and internal pages.
  • Venture
    The venture is one of the newest themes of the Shopify with the three styles of the library to pick from. These are snowboards, outdoor and boxing. All these styles are incredible with the very similar features. The navigation menus feature with large mega menus dropdown has many stores with numerous products.
  • Pop
    When you are thinking to give a vertical design to your online store, pop will be a good choice for you.
    Bone and toy are the two styles of pop that are a mixture of beauty and simplicity. Both are vertical orientation and have the same features such as slide-out ajax shopping
  • Minimal
    Comparatively, the minimal theme actually has more features than a simple theme. This is why it is taken as the excellent choice for shop owners who want a minimalist feel without eliminating the iconography. Vintage, fashion and music are the three styles of the minimal theme.
  • Ap Office
    AP Office comes with many features to design your website. It’s header include the optional icons to share the shipping, returns, security and store policies. You can switch between the static banner, rotating graphics and different header styles.
  • Debut Theme
    The debut theme comes with one style and offers many custom designs for homepage elements and products pages. It enables the users to organize products by grids and use extra features such as reviews on the homepage.

    All above-stated themes are designed to make your online selling more pleasing. To know more and get the assistance of Shopify developers you can reach PushFire. Our team of eCommerce developers is well versed with various new technologies to make your store exactly what you want it to be.

October 17, 2018
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