Five Impressive Homepage Design Tips

Five Impressive Homepage Design TipsThe homepage is the first impression of your website that gives an idea to the visitors about your services. Just like a shop, you have to make it eye-catching that compel the visitors to visit you again and again. Likewise, in the digital medium, you need to pick the world-class ideas that make your website homepage amazingly attractive. Moreover, while designing a homepage, remember it can convert the visitors into the customers only if it is designed in that responsible manner. Here are some tips going to become a trend in 2018 for designing a website that draws more visitors into your site.

  • Slack
    It is about adding an informative slogan instead of putting unnecessary animations and other decorative elements to distract the users. This slogan should be clear with to the point information as well as use the simple navigation varying content to access.
  • Dropbox
    Dropbox should be designed simple, neat and clean on a layout which updates often. It should have hand-drawn illustrations pair displaying informative knowledge of the product or brand effectively. Moreover, it will be great if it has placed a catchy and compelling tagline.
  • Storytrail
    It helps to display the company mission clearly stating on the homepage and allowing the users to understand the company in a simple way. If you make your content display and disappear with smooth animation, it will make your visitors stay engaged with your site.
  • Forhonor
    If your homepage is designed by putting a spectacular set of font solution, sound effects of clashing sword and other elements, it will immerse the visitors in a game world and allow to trace the micro-interactions.
  • Trello
    Use of advanced image elements allows the user with positive feelings towards the brand. The homepage contains the powerful slogan and logo. It should be designed with the combination of bright colors that attract and communicates with the visitors.

    Among all others, content should be placed in an appropriate position with accurate and catchy information. One should never use improper and quality less content to be put anywhere in the homepage.

    All the professional web designers are advised to follow these instructions. If you need any help or want to create an eye catchy homepage for your site then contact Pushfire.

August 13, 2018
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