5 User Experience Tips For Creating A Great Website

5 User Experience Tips For Creating A Great WebsiteDo you want to own a creative and unique business website? If yes, focus on a clean and clutter-free user experience (UX) rather than embedding more and more design elements. No matter, which product or service your online face is going to represent, make sure it should be easy to navigate and impressive.

With the ever-changing designing trends, it is important for a web designer to stay updated with the latest advancements to make sure the website they design doesn’t look outdated. To boost the online leads and to retain the target audience, user experience and interface play a great role.
Here are few UX tips to design a great website:

  • Easy To Navigate No one remembers what your content or graphics are, but they do remember how your website feels, such as navigation or experience. To not let the users move away from your website, concentrate more on user experience rather than the looks. Graphics, layout, text, and design elements work in coordination to make your online business stand out from the competitors.
  • Easy To Scan People often go through or scan the headings and info-graphics rather than reading the content on the entire website. Make sure your site content and visuals are embedded in such a format that is easy to understand and scan. Try to depict the information in form of infographics, animations and visuals to convey the instructions or data so as to make them look good.
  • Clear & Simple Not all of your online users are experts in using or understanding the complex header navigation and buttons. Before evaluating the final design of a website, keep in mind your target audience and evaluate a design layout that is clean and simple with a clear cut call to action button. Focus more on the homepage instead of the inner ones.
  • Creative Elements Nowadays, web designing is evolving at a faster pace than ever before. When it comes to design elements, WordPress has an inbuilt menu of elements and patterns you can choose from. Though simplicity is the best thing to focus upon, don’t forget to include some creative and innovative design elements which are sure to impress your casual visitors. Opt for unique layouts that are not only easy to navigate but also make your website look more appealing.
  • Visual Hierarchy Consistency is the key to success. This concept applies to almost everything, no matter it’s your business or the website. When putting the important elements on the interface or web layout, don’t forget to highlight them so that users can focus on them directly. When it comes to website design, focus on responsiveness and visual hierarchy. This means the things of importance should be highlighted more than the unimportant ones. If yours is an ecommerce website, make sure you highlight the buy now or order now button.


If you want to design an innovative and great website, make sure you are able to make a sheer connection with the online visitors via an amazing and unique website. In case, you have focused a lot on the interface, instead of the experience, you are going to lose your visitors in a long run. For a great website, focus on both interface and experience. To own a fully responsive business website, feel free to consult our web designers at PushFire.

June 22, 2018
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