Want To Speed Up Your WordPress Site? Top 8 Plugins You Must Use

Want To Speed Up Your WordPress Site? Top 8 Plugins You Must Use

For a website’s success, speed is essential as no one likes to be on a site which takes huge loading time. The speed of the site is not only important for the search engine but also for the user experience. It’s essential to enhance the loading time for the visitors and ensure the user experience must be good as possible. Businesses with WordPress site need to be more technical to bring great enhancements in the site’s loading time.

There are numerous WordPress plugins that are specially built to help you with speeding of the website. A developer must make use of top-notch plugins which are specially designed to execute the web pages through a variety of mechanisms. Depending upon the structure, design, and reach of the page, one can make use of the selective plugin for his business site. There are also most of the plugins which are specially meant for high traffic sites and the only need is to choose the selective one.

Below is the list of top WordPress plugins which are helpful in speeding the site to extend level:

  • WP-Cache: In order to make your business site more faster and responsive, WP-Cache is the most effective plugin. The function of such plugin is to catch WordPress pages and store them for future requests. With the use of this plugin, the whole process becomes quite simple as there is no need to compile the building page from the database.
  • W3 Total Cache: If we talk about another popular speed enhancing plugin, the best example is W3 Total Cache. It is not just a simple catching plugin but is a complete framework which includes wide array of options and also supports various caching methods. The advantages of installing such option are that it delivers better performance and clean configuration.
    W3 Total Cache also helpful in improving the user experience and enhance server performance by reducing the download time of your WordPress Theme.
  • WP Super Cache: This one is the most widely used plugin especially meant for WordPress sites. The role of WP Super Cache plugin option is to generate static HTML files from the web server. It supports multiple caching types rather than processing the heavier PHP scripts.
  • WP Super Minify: WP Super Minify is the complete idea of combining the JS, HTML and CSS files which are compressed in such a way so that they reduce the website loading times. One must be careful while installing such plugins as website theme might be a conflict with the type of plugin. This plugin example is also allowed to disable the compression of the CSS and HTML files.
  • WP Fastest Cache: This plugin option comes with extensive features and is easy to use. This plugin setup easily gets installed, activate and run the basic settings without any hassle. WP Fastest Cache is helpful in creating static HTML file which makes the multiple users reach the same static page rather than rendering the page again and again.
  • Cache Enabler: A plugin with lightweight and easily set up in a minute is renamed as Cache Enabler. Such a plugin option comes with features like setting up the expiry time and few other options.
  • Hyper Cache: For all those people who have their blogs on low resources hosting providers, can make use Hyper Cache plugin to increase the loading speed of their WordPress site.
  • WP Smush: Every image on the site take huge time to load and also make the viewers frustrated. With the help of WP Smush plugin, all images of the site are compressed to decrease the overall size of the image and also keep the quality of the image intact.

An installation of a right set of a plugin on the WordPress site can bring the dramatic improvement to your page load times. Plugins are the good start point to enhance the website performance and loading time. You can also hire a professional developer at Pushfire for the installation of right plugin depending upon the site structure.

January 8, 2018
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