Top 10 New Year Tips For Developing A Memorable Website Design

Top 10 New Year Tips For Developing A Memorable Website Design

New year is a time to do a fresh and new start of business. It’s the moment when one must think of redesigning the old and difficult-to-update website into a reliable one. For this, one must be ready with his conversion goals and focused redesigning method so that audience can come again and again. Only a memorable and responsive design can create a strong user connection along with lasting impression. A website which is not well-designed is at high risk of facing low conversion rates and low visitor time. Although designing a new website with all essential components is a tough task, one needs to look for a skilled designer with strong designing skills.

Being a business owner, if you want to create a website design which sticks in long-term, then you must go for these new year tips with your hired designer:

  • Destroy Dull & Too Much Colors: A dull and too much color can cause your audience to never come back again. It’s good to mix your website colors with brightness so that a high user range can come in contact with your brand regularly.
  • Be Simple On Layouts: A redesign of clean and simple website layout will help you in explaining the services in the easiest way. You must keep a focus on the flat designs which work well with the responsive designs.
  • Add A Story In Content: If you have meaningful information on your site, then it will keep the audience keep on scrolling. You must explain the results that they expect and describe your services and products in brief.For this, one must be ready with his conversion goals and focused redesigning method so that audience can come again and again.
  • Expand Social Validation: Social validation is a great way to encourage your users to like and share your content with a use of one click. The more share you will do, more you explore and popularize your business services.
  • Use Funny Typography: You must think about the design which is funny and interesting and make people happy while working on these interesting things. The fun elements that you can add such like a fun game or animated images and videos.
  • Never Forget Basics: A website must include all basics that keep it at high Google rankings like a blog, SEO as well as essential landing pages. This will definitely add the traffic value and increase the customer reach.
  • Mobile-Responsive: Now more than half audience is using the Internet and Smartphone instead of working on PC. For every business, there is need to develop a website which must be compatible with every mobile device. Missing responsive design can also result in losing the amount of traffic.
  • Create Right First impression: It’s necessary for a designer to do a great job in making the first impression through interesting visual effects. A simple and interactive design is the big reason for the user to come back on your site. The factors like left-hand impression, attractive typography and good contrast between elements are really hard to miss.
  • Give A Memorable Finish: Like a first impression, never forget to focus on the finish. You must a create a website which leaves a lasting impression on your website. Make sure, there is no any kind of error on the website and must perform testing before launching it.
  • Keep On Tracking: In order to know whether your redesigned website is helpful in enhancing the business marketing efforts or not, there is need to keep it on track. Moreover, if you found your audience score is dropping, then get it switch back to its previous one.

In terms of redesigning the website, these are the few factors that are helpful in turning your design plan into an impressive identity in front of an audience. You can also hire a team of web designers to create beautiful and creative designs at Pushfire.

October 30, 2017
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