Website Traffic Checker – How we can check our website traffic

Marketing for your website and performing a good SEO is not the endpoint of a website. The work does not just stop once the website is loaded with traffic. After completing the necessary SEO practices, it is important also to keep track of the analytics, it means that it is essential to study the visitors that come to your website.

Website Traffic Checker - How we can check our website traffic

Do you want to monitor the traffics on your website? It can be due to whether you are trying to attract new customers and clients to your website or are curious about how popular the content on your website is—keeping track of what kinds of traffic coming to your website- whether they are quality or not, whether they are enough or not.

Some methods are there that can be used to check the traffic on the website. No matter why you need to check your website traffic, it is always good to do so and stay ahead of the competitors to succeed in the business. Here are some easy methods to monitor traffic on your website.

Monitor Traffic From Own Website

You can track your website traffic from the website itself by checking on the Stats of the site. Especially if you are using WordPress for your website, this platform offers you an option of monitoring the traffic on the website. It helps in easy tracking and maintaining the website; it also helps provide an accurate scenario of the website.

Track The Blog Posts Comments

Another way to track the number of visitors on your page is to check on the blogs and see how many people left comments on the posts. Of course, not everyone goes a word, but still, it offers you quite an idea about the visitors. It is figured that 1 in every 200 readers leaves the comment. Do not forget that this not 100% accurate information, only a rough estimate about the visitors.

Use Plug-Ins To Track Website Traffic

One of the most popular ways to track the traffic of websites is by using Google Analytics. It has both free and paid platforms. After signing up, you get a code that can be used to track visitors’ behaviour to your website. This offers skewed results. And, also helps in filtering out junk from the traffic that visits your website.


Another plug-in or tool that can come to help is Alexa. It is a company that offers detailed statistical information on the website. It helps track website traffic, visitors, a ranking of popularity, different demographics covered, speed of the website, and much more. One thing to note here is that Alexa is not free at all. But it indeed allows the business to have fast, detailed, and quickly received reports on website traffic. It comes with different plans- It depends on the business’s budget and what the business needs.


Compete is another tool or platform that can help track visitors on the website or traffic of the website. It is quite similar to Alexa. Compete for tracks the website traffic with the help of a simple tool that shows the website’s statistics anytime as convenient. Compete is not free. It has several subscription plans that help with different levels of reporting about the website.


So, now we have covered how important it is to tack the website traffic. We have also discussed the different plug-ins and tools that can track the number of visitors. This helps in improving the marketing strategies and thus bringing in better and more traffic or visitors.

Therefore, it means more sales and revenue for the business. If you are looking for a professional to help you track your website traffic, contact Pushfire today. They offer perfect solutions to Check Website Traffic.

November 16, 2020
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